The start of the wedding season in the UK typically coincides with the start of spring. Officially spring began on the 20th of March which means we should be well into the wedding season. For couples that tied the knot this time last year the UK was enjoying an unusually dry and warm spring. Sadly the same can’t really be said about this year.

A ‘wash-out’ wedding is something the bride and groom fear most. It is a day they have put a great deal of time, effort and money into and would like to look back on it with only the finest memories. However, the wedding day is ultimately about two people making a lifelong commitment to each other and then celebrating with the people they love, their families and friends.


If you are having a spring wedding, our advice is to pay close attention to the weather in the weeks leading up to the wedding. If there is a high chance of rain on the day, then measures should be taken such as ensuring there is enough shelter for people not to get wet.

Sadly, we cannot control the weather on our wedding. However just about everything else on that special day we can control. Between the bride and groom almost everything is decided; the guest list, the venue, the wedding dress, the wedding cake, the catering, the entertainment, the flowers and the photographer are all your choice.

Looking at the Met Office forecast for the coming days and weeks it seems that the weather will continue to be quite changeable, with heavy rain showers, strong winds and breaks of sunshine across the UK.

So, to all those tying the knot in the coming days and weeks we send our congratulations and wish you a lifetime of happiness, and good weather!