Everyone’s favourite Crouch End bakery is happy to now offer an almond and orange sable pastry for only £1.20, as its newest baked good. Made with butter and whole egg yolks, this petite pastry packs the flavour with its almond paste and orange and lemon peel filling and flaked almond topping.

Sable baked goods originate in France, getting their name from the French word for sand. The pastries are traditionally filled with a citrus flavour, either orange, lemon or lime. Sable pastries and cookies got their names for the deliciate texture they take when you’re enjoying your first bite. Dunn’s Bakery is proud to offer this new sweet thanks to Mario, our new Italian baker.

almond and orange sable pastry picture

Run by the family since 1827, Dunn’s Bakery has been a staple for the North London community of Crouch End for over 180 years. Christopher and Christina Freeman, our current generation of Freemans to run the business, love offering the community a variety of breads, sandwiches and sweets of all sorts. The bakery’s staff of expert bakers are trained to decorate cakes however you like and make the best bread, cookies, buns, savouries, doughnuts, seasonal treats and now almond and orange sables in Crouch End.

Come to our North London bakery and pick up some of these delicious almond and orange sable pastries for yourself! And if you feel like sharing, you can always grab a few for friends and family?