Welcome to the Baker’s Blog –  we hope  an “amusing” and informative blog for you as part of the “Dunn’s Family”   to  know what’s happening  in Dunn’s and what fantastic offers we want to share with you.  We  are passionate about our products and know our customers are too!    This blog is a forum for you to tell us what you want and what you like.  As newbies to blogging we need you to guide and inspire us to make a blog that you will revisit  and recommend. 

You will meet Cedric our resident “eye in the sky” as he flys around Dunn’s Bakery gathering all tasty titbits of news………… 


Is this Cedric our "eye in the sky"?

 Cedric is looking forward to hearing from you ! 

Cedric is currently reading our new monthly newsletter called Dunn’s Digest.  He can’t wait to use the money saving voucher that he printed off of our website                                     www.dunns-bakery.co.uk   You can find this on our main page highlighted on the  Purple Banner.

Enjoy your visit to our blog !