The sun is finally starting to shine (sort of), the daffodils are blooming and wedding season is upon us. While many worry about the venue, music and other important aspects of weddings, we here in Crouch End bakery like to think that the most important part of a wedding is the wedding cake. It’s the sweetest part of the day (literally and figuratively) and it’s something that every¬†guest will remember.

Wedding Cake, Dunn's Bakery

Besides being a sweet treat at the reception, wedding cakes were originally used to bring good luck to all in attendance and the newlyweds. However, cakes were not always the centrepiece. Many other baked goods have previously been used, like sweet rolls, breads and even pies.

Wedding desserts even took the place of the tradition of catching the flower bouquet. Instead of catching the bouquet, the woman who found the glass ring that was placed in the middle of the dessert would be the next to marry.

Modern, tiered wedding cakes did not make their first appearance until Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany, was married in 1882. At his reception the cake consisted of many layers and white icing, both of which were extremely expensive at the time. The method of stacking iced cake had never before been used, but it is still a popular method today.

Wedding Cake, Dunn's Bakery

Here at Dunn’s Bakery we continue to use this method, as well as more contemporary ones when we make our wedding cakes. From tiered, white traditional wedding cakes to croquembouche to modern fondant creations, we can bake and decorate the wedding cake of your dreams. At our North London bakery, we take pride in using only the finest ingredients, and we make sure that your made-to-order wedding cake is made to your exact specifications. Our bakers and cake decorators can also decorate your wedding cake to your taste, with whatever cake toppers, figurines or edible fondant decorations you would like. All of the baking and decorating is done in-house in order to ensure the absolute best quality.

We have many different types of cakes to choose from, so if you would like a sponge chocolate or fresh cream cake, we can definitely have it prepared for your wedding. However, we are partial to our rich, dark fruit cake because the recipe is a family secret that has¬†been passed down through the Dunn’s Bakery generations.

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