Here’s at Dunn’s we are always listening to the needs of our customers, dietary requirements change over time, and so does our range to reflect such.
Being vegan doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Dunn’s delicious range as much as anyone else
We want to make sure everyone can enjoy our fantastic products so we’ve got a list of some here that are suitable for Vegans.
These items are made without meat, egg, diary or honey and so are suitable for vegans and everyone!




Let us introduce our Dunn’s Cinnamon Buns, which are not only suitable for vegans but also bloomin’ delicious for everyone.
They taste exactly the same as a non-vegan Cinnamon Buns but everyone can enjoy this one!





Our Dunn’s Ginger Parkin Loaf Cake is so gingery and delicious! By tasting it you couldn’t even tell that it’s made without any dairy! And we all know ginger is good for you… 


Last But Not Least…..DUNN’S BREAD!

Virtually all of our bread is Vegan, hooray!* No need to worry about hidden dairy within our loaves, you can take home one of our Dunn’s loaves to eat as you please





*Breads that are non-vegan – Brioche rolls and bread, bridge rolls, long soft rolls, spelt and honey, pumpkin roll, pumpkin loaf, sofa, cranberry and stilton, collah