Dunn's Bakery Taste of London 2015

London has always been a city of delectable food choices with tastes and smells around every corner and gourmet food, which has its roots in all four corners of the world.

The cosmopolitan melting pot of different ingredients available, which are brought into the shops and restaurants each day from distant shores, combine with the locally sourced and seasonal meats, fruits and vegetables to create dishes to tantalise the Londoner’s taste buds. This all makes the capital an incredible place to visit for those who truly love to explore and try food.

To celebrate the wealth of dishes available and the wondrous restaurants that make London a unique place to eat, an incredible festival takes place each year where up to 55,000 food loving visitors gather. The festival is called The Taste of London and takes place in Regent’s Park from 17-21 June.

Dunn's Bakery Taste of London

What is The Taste of London food festival?

Taste of London is the bringing together of the best chefs, restaurants and ingredients in an exciting cacophony of 5 days of cookery and eating.

Book tickets to any or all of the days and you can wander through the streets of stalls and marquees erected. Taste of London is a city within a city wholly dedicated to great tasting food. The festival will include:

  • Live cookery demonstrations with household named chefs
  • Restaurants to eat a huge variety of styles of food
  • Bars to relax and sample a rich selection of drinks
  • Stands selling cookery appliances and the latest must-have gadgets
  • Exhibitors with a huge range of ingredients you can buy to take home to create great meals of your own

The restaurants attending Taste of London will be serving menus from across the globe; there will be cuisine Spain, Japan, Italy, Peru and, of course, the best food from across the UK.

It’s a fantastic place to visit for anyone who loves to eat and even more for those who enjoy filling their social calendars with different restaurants to try with families and friends.

Dunn's Bakery Taste of London 2015

The Best Way to Immerse your Senses in Taste of London

As well as visiting the food festival, the only way to really become part of the ethos of Taste of London is to try food in different parts of the capital. However, if you miss the festival and really want to savour the day to day taste of London, stop off as you tour the city and take lunch in the hundreds of cafes that line the streets. And to top off your London foodie experience, head to our award-winning north London bakery, Dunn’s Bakery.

Have a Taste of London at Dunn’s Bakery

Dunn’s Bakery has been serving fresh baked goods in Crouch End since 1827. This north London bakery is famous within the local community for the array of delicious breads, delectable cakes and scrumpscious savouries, which are made on-site and displayed each day.

Take a trip to see the team, led by husband and wife duo Christoper and Christina and their son Lewis. You’ll be spoilt for choice as to what to try first.

Dunn's Bakery Black Forest Cream Slice

If you’re looking for a sweet treat, on of our immediate recommendations would be the Black Forest Cream Slice. Full of fresh cream, black cherries and a dash of rum seeped into the rich chocolate cake, it’s a sweet treat you’ll definitely not want to share.

Dunn's Bakery Taste of London 2015 Pecan Pie

The inspiration for many of our pastries and tarts stretch past the shores of the UK and with a nod to our neighbours across the Atlantic, the individual Pecan Pies are just the right amount of sticky goodness with the flavoursome pecans mixing with the shimmering caramel.

Dunn's Bakery Rum Truffle

For those who believe ‘sharing is caring’, a luxurious bag of Rum Truffles should be just the ticket. Balls of cake crumb melted together with apricot jam and Jamaican rum, with the coating of this sphere covered in chocolate vermicelli, sounds delicious, right?

If you have the chance to visit the festival, don’t miss the opportunity to really try flavours that are both local and international. However, if you really want a taste of London, come to Dunn’s Bakery, whether it’s festival time or not.