3D printer

A 3D printer creating food


The New World of Printed Edible Food

It may sound like a scene from Star Trek, but printed edible food is not science fiction. It is an available reality.

Printed edible food is created with a 3D printer; a new technology has already influenced aspects of our lives. Clothing, prosthetic limbs and guns have all recently been created using a 3D printer.

We, at Dunn’s Bakery, find this futurist foray incredibly exciting. In imminent years, we can make and present food in new and thought provoking ways.

printed pizza

A delicious pizza made from a 3D printer


What is a 3D Printer and What Uses Does it Have?

A 3D printer is a technology that allows many industries and the regular consumer, to print three-dimensional objects by simply pressing a button on a keyboard. The printer works by building the object in thousands of thin layer in the required material, which when completed, compromise the item itself.

This technology can be used to advance the engineering and medical industries, as it has already done for fashion, arms manufacturing and now, food.

As their availability extends, 3D printers will become cheaper and more commonplace in the home.

printed sweets

Printed edible candy


How 3D Printing could Change the Food Industry?

With the existing technology to make 3D sweets and candy, the bakery business will definitely sit up and take notice of the progress made in the area. Making intricate, personalised decorations for celebration cakes or creating complex designs with icing sugar is just one way that 3D printers can influence our work.

printed candy

Printed edible sweets


The Future of Food

As the technology of 3D printed edible food matures, the way we interact with food will change. It will be less time consuming and cheaper, once the technology becomes more available, to quickly create visionary and tasty treats.

There’s still a way to go before it is possible for all these ideas to come to fruition but with the sale of a 3D printer for cupcakes just about to hit the market, the futuristic world of printed edible food is much closer than any of us realise.

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