photograph cakeWhen you are a child your birthday is without question the biggest day of the year. The only day which can even come close to competing is Christmas or perhaps going to Disneyland. But your birthday is always going to be at the top of the list because it is a day just for you.

Children’s birthday parties will always be different, but if there is one thing which they should all have in common it is the birthday cake. As a young child blowing out the birthday cake candles and making a wish is a big deal.

Every parent wants to make their child feel special and their birthday, up to a certain age at least, is a great way to show just how special they are. We buy them that one toy that they haven’t stopped talking about for weeks, plus a few more, and we invite all their friends and give them a personalised photo cake of their favourite cartoon character.

photo cakesThe ability to have any photograph on your cake makes that birthday cake, wedding cake, anniversary cake, bar mitzvah cake, christening cake, corporate cake that little bit extra special and memorable. For adults, photo cakes are a great opportunity for comedy as any embarrassing photo can be put on a cake and guarantee laughter, embarrassment and a great tasting cake.