Reduced Salt in Dunns Bread:

Our philosophy- Dunn’s Bakery takes the best ingredients, the most experienced and well trained bread Bakers and hand make our Bread using the family owned traditional slow method of making and baking bread.

We think that this is what makes great bread. Each loaf is hand crafted we believe that this gives our bread its unique character and distinctive taste.

Craft Bakers Since 1820

One of London's longest running bakers

Fresh & Local Ingredients

For a long time now we have strived to supply our customers with products that are made with ingredients sourced locally.

Bakers Marque

In February 2012 Dunns Bakery was among the first Bakeries to be awarded The Bakers Marque set up by the Worshipful Company of Bakers to assure the consumer that they are buying a quality product