On the eighth day of Christmas Dunn’s Bakery gave to me… eight magnificent treats.

As we anxiously begin the single digit countdown to one of the best holidays of the year we can’t help but dream about all the delicious goodies that Dunn’s Bakery is cooking up. We want to highlight for you eight of our favourite baked goods from our Christmas Range that you absolutely cannot miss out on during the last eight days before Christmas.

  1. One-of-a-kind brandy butter made with the finest French Brandy for the finest of Christmas sweets.

brandy butter

  1. Enjoy our fabulous French-filled macaroons in four classic flavours: chocolate, raspberry, orange and mint all with buttercream filling.


  1. Our traditional family-recipe Christmas pudding is one of our holiday favourites packed with high quality currants, raisins, sultanas, mixed peel, lemon and spices and then topped off with Redemption Ale and brandy, all while beautifully set in china basins and Christmas wrapped.

christmas pudding

  1. Hand decorated malt whiskey dundee cake is flavoured with fresh oranges, lemons and Malt Scotch Whiskey to make for a delicious after dinner dessert.

malt whiskey dundee cake

  1. Our fluffy, buttery, fresh baked mince pies will surely be the hit of your holiday gathering and can be purchased individually, or in boxes of 4, 8 or 12 depending on how hungry you are.

mince pies

  1. Our festive but strictly adult dessert, the rum truffle cake, is spiked with rum and covered in chocolate for quite the tasty indulgence.

rum truffle cake

  1. The yule log is for serious chocolate lovers made with rich chocolate sponge cake and chocolate buttercream, available in dark, milk or white chocolate.

yule log

  1. The Father Christmas cake exemplifies our Dessert Chef’s expertise as he crafts this adorable jolly Santa shaped cake made with our Genoese sponge cake layered with buttercream.

santa cake

Now that we have your mouth watering, come say hello down in our Crouch End shop. While you’re here in North London, you can conveniently cross off the rest of the items on your Christmas shopping list. The one-of-a-kind shopping experience in the Crouch End is the perfect place to complete all your gift buying whether it’s for your grandma, your best friend or your little brother. There is an extraordinary range of clothes shops, toyshops, bookshops and specialty food shops offering prices for all budgets. All within a 10 minute walk from the Clock Tower.


Pay us a visit or order online to try one or all of the baked goods from our Christmas Range. These goodies are the perfect indulgence to make your holidays the jolliest they’ve ever been! Whatever you require, we have just what you need here at Dunn’s Bakery.