Here at Dunn’s Bakery in Crouch End, we provide a number of baked goods for our customers. One of the things we specialise in, other than our birthday and wedding cakes, are seasonal ranges of baked goods. We ensure that our customers receive high quality baked products for any season, whether it is Christmas or Easter, everything is prepared to the highest standard.

Easter Range

Easter falls in the beautiful spring season, a time where we all anticipate the long bank holiday weekend of relaxation and family time. Dunn’s Bakery like to keep up with traditions, and get involved in all festivities all year round.

In the Easter season, we are well known for our traditional Simnel cakes and Hot Cross buns, both of which are well-known symbols for the Easter story.

Traditionally hot cross buns were only eaten on Good Friday as a reminder of Jesus’ death. During the Elizabethan era, there was a law passed, that the sale of hot cross buns was only allowed for funerals, Christmas and Good Friday. The English were very superstitious during that era during and believed the buns carried magical properties. However, overtime, the symbolisation behind Hot Cross Buns has diminished, meaning (lucky for us) they are now available all year long.

Simnel cakes were previously made for mothering Sunday, the fourth Sunday before Lent. But just like the hot cross buns, the tradition changed, and now the Simnel cake is associated with Easter. Simnel cakes were made by girls during the 17th century as gifts to give their mothers. The cake was not just a cake, but it was also a test of the girl’s baking skills, as the mothers would not eat the cake until Easter. Simnel cakes are known to able to be kept a couple of weeks, if made properly.

Dunn’s have no issue with the longevity of our Simnel cakes, as all of our goods are made with the finest local ingredients to satisfy our customers. We have a variety to choose from in our Easter ranges.

Our hot cross buns come in both the normal size and a miniature size, along with our other products such as our Easter cakes all baked to the best quality. We aim to please.


Halloween range

All Hallows Eve, better known as Halloween, is a tradition that dates back to the 17th century. Its name is derived from ‘All Hallows Eve’, the night before All Saints, which was the day given by Pope Gregory III to honour all passed saints and martyrs. However, today we celebrate Halloween with sweets, costumes and trick or treating.

Here at Dunn’s we like to join in with the fun surrounding the horrors of Halloween. We also like to make the whole scaring process easier for our customers with our Halloween ginger bread men and our scary cupcakes. We make the best “trick or treat” goodies to save you the trouble at your Halloween party.


Christmas Ranges

As much as we would love it to be more frequent, the jolly season that is Christmas only comes around once a year, but here at Dunn’s we listen to you all year round so that we can meet your requirements come Christmas. We produce a number of baked goods for the Christmas season, from cakes to mince pies and puddings, all of which are produced with the finest local ingredients and to the highest quality possible.

Speaking of mince pies, have you ever wondered why they are eaten during the Christmas season? Mince pies became a part of the Christmas celebration in the 16th century, back when they were oval shaped to represent the manager that Jesus slept in, and also filled with meat. The pies were filled with three symbolic spices; cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, all of which were presented to Jesus by the Magi at his birth. Our mince pies our filled with flavour, as we only use to finest local ingredients for our products.

We also offer a range of Christmas hampers, so if you’re not sure what to buy a loved one or friend as a Christmas present,  don’t worry, Dunn’s bakery is here to help with that problem.


Valentines Range

When February rolls around, everyone gets into the mood of love and romance. Dunn’s like to help make the season of love that bit more special, with our personalised Valentine’s Day treats to help you say “I love you” to that special person in your life. We produce a range of Valentine’s Day cakes and other baked goods that can make your valentine’s day that bit sweeter for you and your partner (Pun intended).


Dunn’s Bakery aim to keep our customers happy throughout the seasons, so we ensure that we provide them with the best quality goods all year round. All of our baked goods are made daily instore, so there is no doubt that they are all fresh! Pop in to our north London store and find out what we are doing for the next festive season.