Internship at Dunn’s

Packing my bags and leaving home just for a new job was something completely new for me, and with the thought of doing it all alone creating mixed emotions it’s fair to say I was extremely anxious about the whole experience. However, these feelings were cut off as soon as I got myself into the job. Being welcomed into a well knitted work environment like Dunn’s where everybody is well acquainted  did mean a lot to me, and when I realized that I had no reason to worry I was able to feel comfortable in the friendly atmosphere.

This comfort was the beginning of a good three months, because once I felt settled I was able to get down to work, and work I did! I cannot express how much I learned because it’s simply too much to explain. Not only my practical skills improved but my confidence in my work rocketed and I can now say that I would have no hesitation in tackling a cake design.

Of course not all things were amazing, over the three months something had to be bad. This low point came in the form of early mornings! I cannot deny that having to be in work and ready to go at 5am on a Saturday morning was not something I looked forward to each week, but I did get on with it and somewhat grew use to the routine. However, this is all that I have to complain about, which realistically isn’t much, making the whole experience an absolute success.

I went to Dunn’s to learn new things and develop my skills in a pastry kitchen, and that is exactly what I achieved. I worked with fantastic people and enjoyed the work I done, genuinely making the time more than I hoped for.

Jessica hard At Work!