Wedding cakes play a large part of today’s weddings, but they have always had quite a big role to play in previous years. Whether they are triple tier or single, there all symbolic in one way or another.


Where did the wedding cake come from?

Wedding cakes have customarily been celebrated with a special caked. In the ancient roman times cakes made from wheat or barley were often broken over the brides head by the groom as a symbol of good luck and fortune. After the couple had eaten a couple of the crumbs, the guests would eat the rest for good luck!

Where as in the medieval times, small spiced buns were stacked up as high as possible, and if the newlyweds were able to kiss over the tall stack, it would mean they would have a long married life filled with prosperity.

Wedding cake traditions

The wedding cake traditions may not be the same as those in the medieval or roman times, as they have evolved, but there are a number of different cake traditions people choose to follow on their special days. An example of this is the cake cutting. Just like the first dance or the throwing of the bouquet, this is probably one of the most anticipated parts of a wedding. The cake cutting is said to represent the first activity done as a married couple. Today tiered cakes are usually made for weddings with the top tier made for the bride and groom to keep, the middle tier for guest distribution and the bottom tier for the cake cutting at the reception.

Another well-known cake tradition is the bride and groom feeding each other cake. This follows from the cake cutting, with the newlyweds feeding each other a small bite of the wedding cake. This is meant to symbolise the affection and commitment that the couple promise to show towards each other.



Although this tradition may not be as popular now as the previous two, the tradition of baking charms into the wedding cake was one that used to be widely used. Each charm that was placed into the cake symbolised something different.

Dunn’s Bakery Wedding Cakes

Dunn’s Bakery specialise in wedding cakes, with each and every one produced with the finest and freshest ingredients, baked and decorated at our North London premises. We make all of our wedding cakes suited to all tastes, whether they are the fruit wedding cakes crafted with the family owned secret recipe, or the cream wedding cakes made with the freshest cream. We accommodate any preference.

We produce contemporary wedding cakes with intricate cake toppers, such as figurines and other edible decorations, including flowers, ribbons and birds. All of our contemporary cake designs are modern and extraordinary.

However, if you prefer a more tradition wedding cake, we also create those. Often being topped with a bride and groom figurine, our classical wedding cakes are often decorated with handmade floral decorations, all ranging in complexity to suit our customer’s desire.

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