New Gluten Free at Dunn's Bakery!

Bread is still one of the daily staples in the modern diet but more & more people are finding increasingly difficult to tolerate Gluten in their diet.  Gluten is an important component of Bread as it is the Gluten that contributes to the elasticity of dough.

It used to be that Gluten Free Bread was tough & tasteless but time have changed & strides have been made in making Gluten Free Products just as good as products that contain Gluten.

At Dunn’s Bakery we have seen an ever increasing demand for Gluten Free Products & have recently produced a small range of Gluten Free Products (these are currently being trialed in our shop and have had favourable reviews) and include a small White Loaf, Apricot Muffin & a Delicious Chocolatey Brownie – what we have noticed here at the Bakery is that they do keep rather well.    If you give us a couple of days’ notice we can also make to order Cupcakes & Celebration Cakes.  So why not give them a try – could you tell the difference??

It is important to note that our Gluten Free products are made in a Gluten environment & may contain traces of Gluten.