Father’s Day 2015 at Dunn’s Bakery

It’s the time of year when we celebrate how great every Dad is and how much they mean to us. Father’s Day 2015 falls on 21st June and whilst we should never hold back when saying how much we care, it’s the perfect opportunity to really spoil him with a special gift of a delectable treat he won’t forget.

Father's Day 2015 at Dunn's Bakery

History of Father’s Day

Some historian believe American Sonora Dodd began Father’s Day. As the story goes, Sonora heard a Mother’s Day sermon at church and wondered why there wasn’t a similar occasion for her father. She was raised along with her siblings by her father and so, with the help of the YMCA and the Ministerial Association of Spokane, she started a campaign. The first event was held in 1910 and grew over the following years.

Other historian give credit for the start of this special day to Grace Golden Clayton from West Virginia. Following a mine explosion in her local town in 1908 and the death of over 360 men, she felt that there should be a day each year to remember all those who lost their parent.

The day is now truly international and is dedicated to having fun and generally showing your Dad what a great person he is.

Gift for a Great Dad this Father’s Day 2015

There are a number of traditional and typical gifts that a majority of Dads will receive throughout the years; socks, a tie with a quirky cartoon design, a CD or perhaps a garden tool. Whilst these are very much appreciated (as it is the thought that counts), it’s time to do something a bit different this year. Treat your Dad to a luxurious sugary treat.

There’s nothing so decadent as a box of baked goods that smell divine as the lid is lifted or the bag is opened, so if you’re looking for a gift for Father’s Day in London, head to our north London bakery where they have everything you need to really make his day.

Father's Day 2015 at Dunn's Bakery

Treat your Dad to a trip to Dunn’s Bakery

Dunn’s Bakery is planning to celebrate Father’s Day in style with some mouth-watering items to please the taste buds of every Dad.

Along with their usual range of moist cakes, sweet-smelling biscuits and pastries, the Crouch End bakery experts will have a range of Father’s Day cupcakes for sale, as well as some really fund medal to present – made from gingerbread.

The choice of flavours for the special cupcakes will be carrot and red velvet, a swirling mix of vanilla and chocolate or one of the classic range, which includes lemon, coffee or chocolate fudge. All will be topped with a creamy frosting for a lip-smacking experience.

A Tasty Way to Show Your Dad You Care

Whether you see your Dad every day or perhaps only at special occasional, take the opportunity his year on Father’s Day to whisk him away to Dunn’s for a fantastic (and tasty) experience. He’ll have great memories of the time spent with you as well as enjoying some of the best cakes in London. Even though Father’s Day may be only once a year, he’ll want to recreate the experience time and again with regular visits to buy more baked goods.

Every time he sits down with his inviting treats, he’ll remember Father’s Day 2015 at Dunn’s Bakery.