Here at Dunn’s we believe that each and every one of our customers are important, and try our very best to cater to all of our customer’s needs. This is so we can meet people’s tastes and continue to provide the utmost respected service possible.


Gluten free

A gluten free diet is one that does not contain any of the protein, gluten, which is included in some grains such as wheat, barley and rye. Where most people who are on a gluten free diet tend to be suffers of celiac disease, which is triggered by the consumption of gluten, others choose to remove it from their diet for a healthier lifestyle.

Over the years we have noticed an increase of gluten free products requested, and just because we care about what our customers want, and aim to keep them happy, we started a new gluten free range. Although at the current stage, the range is rather small, we still provide a selection for our customers to choose from.

Our Gluten Free Range

The gluten free range at Dunn’s bakery include delectable produce such as apricot muffins. Just like our regular muffins, they are moist and fluffy and filled with flavour, you can barely tell the difference. We also provide gluten free chocolate brownies with hazelnuts for those who love to indulge themselves in the delicious chocolaty flavour. Not only that but we also cater for the simpler things in life, such as bread. Our gluten free bread loaf is surprisingly very light and keeps well.

So why not run down to Dunn’s Bakery in Crouch End North London and get yourself some gluten free treats. We also produce special requested gluten free cakes for special occasions. Whether it is gluten free, dairy free or egg free, we are able to produce cakes and cupcakes to the highest quality, just pop in or call us to find out more information.

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