chocolate Christmas Logs

Where do I begin? There’s so much to talk about. The heady aromas floating around the Bakery are intoxicating and as I sit upstairs in the office I can barely concentrate. So let’s talk about Christmas in Dunn’s – there just so much to choose from. Every time I write my Christmas list I add something else. Right here goes…

Christmas Pudding… oh yes! and our homemade Brandy butter.

Mince pies – what to choose? There’s Shortcrust , Wholemeal or wonderful flaky puff. I know I’ll get an assorted box then everyone is happy.

Christmas cake – thankfully we have our traditional fruit and a lovely light sponge cake so no problem there.

Oh  I must get the gingerbread for the children, they love the fun Christmas shapes and then there’s the fancy cakes, snow people with their brightly coloured scarves and Santa’s chimney a particular favourite.

There’s the fresh cream gateaux for those who want a creamy after dinner treat.  But then there’s  the Ganache Yule logs that have both the cream and chocolate – just too yummy to resist! Hey, after all the cooking I am doing I deserve a treat!

I usually buy the mini Christmas cake and Mini Dundee cake for my neighbour , because she lives on her own a mini cake is just enough for her. Oh the Dundee cake I must add that to the list … I think it will be nice to try the Cherry Orange Dundee, a lovely zesty, tangy taste. Oh, but there’s the Stollen and this year it has cranberries in it. I got to taste test it (One of the perks of the job!!). It is lovely fruity and juicy.

Oh what to do! Every time I write my list I end up changing it.  I just can’t make up my mind…

I’ve got an idea – if I get a Dunn’s Christmas hamper then I don’t have to decide – it’s already done for me and there’s even a bottle in it – Job done! Dilemma resolved!

Happy Christmas!