Dunn’s Bakery Hot Cross Buns came out as number one in a national taste taste run in the independent sister newspaper “i”  on Wednesday 20th April.

Dunn's  Hot Cross Bun Number 1 in a Top Ten Taste Test

Dunn’s Buns Are Number One!

The article  by Will Dean described Dunn’s hot Cross Buns as  ” a dense bite  with a strong whiff of cinnamon”   He also says that  this 191 year old North London Bakery are  a worthwhile  diversion if you live in the capital ”

‘Dunn’s were in good company with  large national  and independent regional and national  bakeries.  The secret of our buns!  They are made fresh every day and to a traditional family recipe.

For the health conscious there are our low GI and cranberry Hot cross buns and our wholemeal buns are  a  contemporary  alternative  choice.  so whatever you need for a perfect Easter be it our delicious Simnel cake or our handmade easter chocolate confectionery  come to Dunn’s Bakery

Happy Easter from Christopher and Christina Freeman and all the staff at Dunn’s Bakery