National Doughnut Week – Make 2015 an Extra Sugary Experience for Charity

Dunn's Bakery National Doughnut Week

National Doughnut Week takes place from 9-16 May and Dunn’s – the bakery which started the event back in 1991 is urging everyone to tuck into soft, sweet doughnuts to help a very worthy cause.

Dive in to Doughnuts!

When you wrap your lips around the soft dough and sugar coating, did you know that originally these wonderful treats were called  ‘olykoeks’? The word is Dutch in origin and means ‘oily cakes’.

Some like to savour the different parts to a doughnut; the sugar, the dough and the jam, but there are some who make it their lifelong ambition to eat them faster than anyone else and the current world record for eating a jam-filled delight is a mere 33 seconds. Some couples are so passionate about the food they have named their child doughnut – not many perhaps in the past year, but an unusual homage all the same.

Dunn's Bakery National Doughnut Week

How Doughnuts Can Raise Money

Back in 1991, Dunn’s Bakery owner Christopher Freeman decided that his doughnuts could do great things for charity as well as being a delicious and popular part of their range. He set up National Doughnut Week with the aim of donating money from the sales to worthy causes. In 2005, The Children’s Trust became the nominated charity to receive the money each year and to date, Christopher and his fantastic team at the North London bakery have raised £785,000 for all the charities they have supported over the years with £312,000 donated to The Children’s Trust.

The Children’s Trust is the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injuries. They offer therapy, rehabilitation, support, education and care from their base in Tadworth. They also have a strong community presence around the UK and for the last 30 years have worked to give children with a brain injury the most fulfilling life possible.

Dunn's Bakery National Doughnut Week

Crouch End bakery Dunn’s offer a lip-smacking range of doughnuts to delve into at any time of the year but in particular throughout National Doughnut Week. There’s a flavour for everyone including:

  • Chocolate chip
  • Caramel and custard
  • Iced jam
  • Iced with sprinkles

All freshly made each day, Christopher and his wife Christina serve these expertly made sweet delights to take away – although they don’t last long once the smell of the wonderful ingredients reaches customers!

All the money raised from National Doughnut Week is used to provide much needed resources and in the past funds have been put to good use through the buying of fibre optic lights for sensory work, physiotherapy equipment to help with mobility and a music system to provide stimulation and the chance to have fun through play.

Dunn's Bakery National Doughnut Week

 How Can I Take Part? 

If you’re a doughnut fan (and it’s difficult not to be) – buy doughnuts! Whether it’s to share with friends in the office, your family or just to sit with a bag somewhere quiet and keep them all to yourself, eating doughnuts from 9-16 May is the perfect way to enjoy baked goods and know you’re raising money for a fantastic charity.