Just like Birthday Bear of Care Bear, who wanted everyone to have birthdays filled with cake and cupcakes, we want everyone to enjoy our Dunn’s Bakery cupcakes.

He was a bear who knew a good thing when he ate it – cupcakes are now a huge industry worth around £2 billion globally. However, the market is changing and cupcakes sales have dipped.

We create delicious cupcakes and plan to see our sales continue to rise with our range of handmade goods. Ready to buck the cupcake trend, our north London bakery think there’s plenty of cream to be piped and frosting to be added.

Dunn's Bakery Cupcakes

Where the Cupcake Craze Started

Most of us made fairy cakes as children. These small cakes were baked in cases with the top cut off, the hole filled with butter icing and the slice of cake removed placed back on in the shape of a pair of wings. Fairy cakes are a part of many a child’s birthday party, but their status was elevated to that of a cupcake – and a gourmet one at that – in 200.

It was during an episode of Sex and the City that characters Miranda and Carrie were seen eating cupcakes from a bakery called Magnolia’s. It was an instant food fashion and a baking revolution was born.

With tourist buses travelling to the bakery to taste for themselves the cupcakes that started the trend, shops to specifically sell cupcakes started to appear.

Dunn's Bakery Cupcakes

The Boom of the Cupcake

In 2003, American-based Sprinkles Cupcakes was one of the first stores to open, which only sold one type of cake…the cupcake. The owner became so famous she went on to be a judge on US TV cookery show, Cupcake Wars. More stores opened and each increased the consumer’s desire for these previously small bakery items.

When Crumbs started operating, the company blew competitors out of the water as it opened 34 stores in the US seemingly overnight. However, in 2011, Crumbs’ year on year profits began to decline. Many felt that the quality of baked goods had declined because of the company’s need to mass produce. Thus customers turned to local bakers, just like our Crouch End based bakery where customers can get their daily fix of Red Velvet or fruit-filled cupcakes.

Dunn's Bakery Flavoured Cupcakes

Why Dunn’s Cupcakes Will Outlast the Cupcake Trend

Whilst global market may now be a little stale for the commercial giants, that’s certainly not the case for Dunn’s Bakery. Taking more orders than ever for wedding cupcakes, selling cupcakes online and personalising cupcakes to our customer’s specifications, the bakery team are hard at work everyday creating delicious baked goods that are decorated with care and expertise.

All our high quality ingredients are locally sourced. Our cakes are baked daily on-site, so you know you’re buying a fresh and tasty. With flavours including chocolate, vanilla or lemon, we also cater for parties and corporate events.

Making fantastic tasting baked goods has been the cornerstone of our success and cupcakes are – and will continue to be – an integral part of our range of sweet tasting produce.

Dunn's Bakery Cupcake Variety