History of the Cookie

We all have heard of Cookie Monster, as a Muppet on the children’s show Sesame Street, the character is known for his big appetite. He will eat anything, but his preferred food is cookies. You could say he is obsessed with them. Cookie Monster was not the first to become obsessed with this classic dessert… in fact the cookie has roots in Persia dating back to the 7th century. After spreading to Spain and throughout Europe, the cookie became an influential part of everyone’s daily lives by the 14th century. It was seen in all levels of society, ranging from royal cuisine to street vendors. Cookies then appeared in America through the Dutch in New Amsterdam in the late 1620’s. The word “cookie” comes from the Dutch word “koekje”. How can you resist this historic, buttery delicacy? The answer: well, you can’t.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies can be made in a wide variety of styles using several different ingredients, for example, sugar, spices, peanut butter, nuts, and dried fruit. They are also classified depending on how they are prepared. They can be dropped, moulded, pressed, refrigerated and rolled. Cookies are usually baked until the desired texture is reached, and some cookies are not baked at all.

The Cookie Traveller

Cookies have been our loyal travel companion for centuries, keeping us company on our journeys and influencing our bakeries along the way. One of the earliest cookies known is the jumble, which is made from nuts, sweetener and water. Water has since been abandoned as a medium for cohesion and instead oil and eggs are now used. The cookie is able to stay fresh for periods of time, so long storage life made it perfect for travelling in the 14th century. The low maintenance treat grew in popularity exponentially, giving it the momentum needed to grow roots on every continent.

Dunn's Bakery Cookies

The Cookie of Today

Today, there is not just one cookie available,  there are a wide variety of cookies in the markets, and they can contain three ingredients like the jumble, or they can include several ingredients. The butter cookie is simple and is made with only butter , sugar and flour. This modern cookie style was not common until the 18th century. The chocolate chip cookie is a drop cookie filled with chocolate chips. The biscotti is a finger shaped cookie that is crunchy and pairs well with a cup of coffee. Biscuit is the British word for cookie, meaning “twice baked” in Latin. Each cookie has a unique story and each country has its own word for the “cookie”, but each country certainly knows what it is.

Dunn’s Cookies

A cookie is defined as a thin, sweet, small cake, but Dunn’s Bakery prepares home-made cookies that are so much more than that, making them stand out from the rest… they are revolutionary, just like the jumble. The buttery treat is available in a mouth-watering four varieties, making it impossible to stop at just one.

The White Chocolate and Cherry cookie is made with red glacé cherries and real fair-trade white chocolate, lovely and soft with melt in the mouth white chocolate chunks. The chocolate chip cookie is sublime with its real chocolate drops and silky texture. The oat and raisin cookie is both crunchy and soft cookie at the same time, filled with Californian raisins and oats.

Come in store to Dunn’s Bakery and buy your cookies!

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