christmas london

The countdown to Christmas has begun in earnest. Gifts are being bought, family and friends are booking flights home and holiday meals are being meticulously planned.

With so many different holiday traditions, the one constant in all festivities is food.

During holiday celebrations, of all holiday puddings and desserts, Mince Pies are essential.

Mince Pie x Dunns

Did you ever hear of the Mince Pie ban? Reportedly, during Oliver Cromwell’s reign, the act of eating a Mince Pie on Christmas day was made illegal, as it was thought that doing so would help tackle gluttony.

oliver cromwell

Yet, the ban did not last long. When Charles II came to power, the Law Commission stated that not one of the 11 laws that remained on the statue books after Cromwell’s reign related to Mince Pies. The Mince Pie ban was an urban myth.

However, our homemade Mince Pies aren’t the things of myth or legend. Our pies are packed full of delicious ingredients including: currants, apples and raisins. Freshly baked with butter, we have four options of pastry casings: Shortcrust pastry, Deep Shortcrust pastry, Deep Wholemeal crust and Puff pastry .  You can buy them individually or in boxes of 8 or 12.

Mince Pie

Once you have one, you won’t be able to stop, so we think it’s best to buy a box (or several?) of 12. Everyone at the holiday meal gets at least one that way.