Dunn’s Bakery: Catering Services in London

Dunn's Bakery Catering Services

Dunn’s Bakery has been creating amazing bread and baked goods in Crouch End since 1827. A family-run business, the mouth-watering array of breads, cakes and savoury snacks has seen husband and wife team Christopher and Christina at the helm for many years, overseeing their extended family of talented bakers and shop staff.

Our North london bakery has a busy shop and cafe, which is much-loved by the local community and our reputation for fresh bread and amazing tasting cakes stretches far past the borders of our local streets with the online offering of items they can deliver. Not only do we offer baked goods, we also have a catering service where we can fulfil food requirements for both corporate events and party occasions.

Dunn's Bakery Catering Services

Corporate Catering in London

If you’re looking for corporate catering in London and you aren’t sure where to turn, talk to the friendly staff at Dunn’s. Whilst known in the local area for our 5th generation on-site bakery, we stretch our wings much further than Crouch End to provide food catering in London.

If you need to arrange food for an office function or you have a very important in-house event, with external visitors and you need to arrange lunch, don’t struggle with trying to buy, prepare and present dishes  yourself. Trying to handle all this in the confines of an office or staff kitchen can be challenging.

Dunn's Bakery Catering Services

Dunn’s can prepare freshly made sandwiches on a range of different bread types, including ciabatta and on bagels. Additionally, we can create delicious sausage rolls, vol-au-vents and cheese sticks. The sandwiches and rolls  are all made from bread baked on the day.

We also offer a number of platter options to help take the stress out of choosing. A popular choice is the cake platter which includes chocolate fudge, ginger, banana and fruit cake. Even breakfast meetings are catered for as plain, chocolate or almond croissants can be ordered in rounds of 5 or 10.

Party Catering in London

Any party is always exciting; the thrill of friends and relatives visiting to help celebrate an occasion. If you’re tasked with the catering, the last thing you may be thinking is having ‘fun.’ For those with a busy life, catering can be hard work. Trying to prepare food for many people in your kitchen can become frustrating when you run out of fridge space and plates to arrange sandwiches on.

Dunn's Bakery Catering Services

Party catering in London is something Dunn’s Bakery excels at. We are more than happy to take over at the reins for you and provide just what you need to feed hungry mouths as the day or night goes on.

For both corporate and party catering, Dunn’s can also whip up the most delicious side dishes and salads, so there’s no need to add anything else to the table.

Dunn's Bakery Catering Services

Contact Dunn’s Bakery for Catering Services

The next time you’re volunteered to prepare the food at work or for home, don’t break out in a cold sweat thinking of the shopping list and the amount of washing up you’ll be facing. Talk to Christopher or Christina about what you’d like so guests can arrive, plate in hand and eager to eat.

Feel free to drop us a line.