According to wedding traditions, the top tier of the wedding cake is normally used at the Christening or Baptism of your first child, that’s all well & good we here you cry… but what if you didn’t have a fruit cake or this is not your first Christening, well I mean you can hardly keep a sponge cake for that long…

At Dunn’s while we are all for Tradition, (well we have been in Crouch End since 1820) & while we really love the idea, it really is such a sweet tradition, if you had a fruit cake that’s no problem (especially if it’s your first child – or even Twins, heaven forbid you would have any more after that!) we can for those traditionalists amongst you remove the old icing & re-ice your cake, just ask.

Christening Cakes

But what if you didn’t have a fruit cake! Or you want a light sponge christening cake Dunn’s is here to help …from the simply decorated Vanilla sponge with Jam (we only use Tiptree Jam) & Buttercream to the Traditional Fruit & everything inbetween can make the lot we can  even do an Egg Free Sponge – that is superb!!  We also do a range of styles to suit any discerning taste, whether it’s Open Books, Crosses & Tiered Cakes & If cherubs or toys are your thing then don’t worry we have those as well.

If you want us to cater for the party we can do that as well see our Catering Menu in store, Happy Christening xx

Christening Cake