For the traditionalists an anniversary means the celebration or commemoration of a wedding.  Each anniversary year has a “theme” attached from Paper for a first anniversary to Gold for Fifty years of marriage as on the list instigated in 1992 by Emily Post an etiquette writer.  Celebrating with a wedding anniversary cake is very popular.  But there are many anniversaries to celebrate from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this year to The National Association of Master Bakers 125th Anniversary in November (something close to our hearts as our own Christopher Freeman becomes the National President).

Whatever the occasion we can make an anniversary cake to suit your celebration.  Last year was the 20th Year of National Doughnut Week and our cake decorator Neil made a fun Doughnut shaped cake.

Anniversary - Doughnut Cake

What about cup cakes or cookies to earmark a company or corporate anniversary? The iconic Kenwood Chef celebrates its 65th anniversary this year.  Locally The Haringey Phoenix Book Club for the blind will be celebrating their third anniversary this year; here at Dunn’s we have made their cake for their previous celebrations.  So if your school, club or group have an upcoming anniversary – have a cake and really make it an occasion!

How about in this year of patriotic celebrations a cake decorated with your country’s flag on it, especially to celebrate this year’s Olympic Games.  Just remember that anniversaries are personal to you – we have heard of cakes made to commemorate the anniversary of a divorce, as the happy divorcee said that it marked the beginning her new life!

It was the 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens birth  on the 7th February so what a fantastic opportunity to have an open book style cake with photo images of some of his beloved characters such as Nicholas Nickleby or Uriah Heep.

So let’s revive the art of celebration – in these “hard times” let’s have some “Great Expectations” (couldn’t resist the Dickens pun!) it’s good to have something to look forward to!