The first Diamond Jubilee celebrated in the UK was that of Queen Victoria on 20th June 1897, & whilst our current queen celebrates her Diamond Jubilee on the 5th June the actual 60th anniversary of her accession occurred on 6 February 2012.

Over the long weekend whilst friends, family & neighbours will be encouraged to join together in a Big Jubilee Lunch elsewhere there will be lots of pomp & pageantry one of the highlights will be on the river Thames with a large flotilla of boats…so…..

Get out the Bunting, balloons & the flags……as the Diamond Jubilee reaches its pinnacle help is here at hand from Dunns Bakery…… we have some really beautiful creations that could adorn any celebration table so go on….invite your friends, family & neighbours, lay out the cups, the plates & the napkins let’s get the party off to a truly glorious start….fill your table with some of our delicious moist vanilla or chocolate cupcakes; choose from buttercream topped with crowns & flags or covered in yummy fondant icing & affixed with an edible logo – at least you can say you ate the queens head! Our red white & blue sprinkled doughnuts look fabulous piled high on a plate & let’s not forget the main event perhaps a fresh cream sponge decorated with fresh fruit & echoing the union jack or if you want to be a little bit more prepared why not choose a 6” iced sponge cake with a celebratory edible image, any of these could be the centre piece of table, we also have fondant iced fancies with either a red or blue edible rose & as always our delicious zingy gingerbread dipped in chocolate with Smartie jewels & for those of you with more sophisticated tastes there is the classic French macaroon in delicate royalist colours of red white & blue.

In many of the preparations for the diamond Jubilee we have all seen echoes of the past, not just in the newsreels that so frequently pop up on the television but in the pictures of street parties that seem to appear in the newspapers…….. so don’t you forget the traditional classics, we will still be making them delicious crumbly jam tarts, Bakewell tarts with the cherry on top & the moist Victoria tart & what about the iconic Battenburg Cake, some things just never really go out of fashion.  Ps. – don’t forget the humble sandwich made fresh every day from our very own bread.

Whatever you do have a right Royal weekend!

60 Glorious Years!