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Office and Corporate Catering

Dunns Bakery is more than just a 6th generation bakery, we are also corporate caterers.
You don’t have to work yourself to the point of exhaustion to provide a delicious spread for your work colleagues. As a corporate caterer, Dunn’s Bakery produces wonderful savouries and cakes every bit as good as you could make at home and because we bake our goods on premises we are able to provide for individual requirements.

We’re here to help

Let us take the worry out of corporate catering – every day we bake sausage rolls (full size and cocktail), quiches, cheese straws, vol-au-vent cases, bridge rolls, french sticks and a wide variety of breads. We can also supply platters of top quality and generously filled sandwiches, freshly made from bread baked that day on premises.

We offer our corporate catering platter of sandwiches in four delicious choices.

  • Our Corporate Traditional Platter features all the favourites; Egg Mayo, Ham, Cheese and Tuna.
  • The Corporate Gourmet Platter selection includes Prawn, Smoked Salmon, Chicken, Pastrami and Brie with Aubergine Pate.
  • The Corporate Vegetarian Platter includes Cheddar Cheese, Brie, Humous, Mediterranean vegetables, egg mayo
  • Corporate Savoury Platter includes Sausage Rolls, Quiche, Filled Vol Au Vents and Cheese Straws
  • Corporate Cake Platter includes a mixture of our freshly baked loaf cake slices (varies depending on what’s available on the day) can include Chocolate Fudge, Lemon, Fruit, Ginger, Banana

We also sell a variety of soft drinks and gourmet crisps
For allergy information please email us on

Coffee and Refreshments

We can serve our Freshly Ground Americano coffee in flasks to accompany your catering order to ensure you and your team are ready for the afternoon session!

Corporate & Office Lunch Platters


  5 Persons (20 sandwich quarters) 10 Persons (40 sandwich quarters) 15 Persons (60 sandwich quarters) 20 Persons (80 sandwich quarters)
Cake Platter
Muffins Platter
Danish Platter
Mini Danish Platter
Fruit Platter

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Also Available

Filled Vol au vent – Platter of 10
Cocktail sausage rolls – Platter of 10
Mince Pies – Short Crust – Platter of 10
– Wholemeal Crust – Platter of 10
– Puff Crust – Platter of 10
– Short Crust Deep – Platter of 10
– Mixed Mince Pie Platter for 10


  5 Rounds 10 Rounds
Chocolate Croissant
Almond Croissant

Savoury Platter

Cocktail sausage rolls, quiche slice, vol au vent, cheese straws, sv/bites
20 Mini savoury bites – med veg, feta cheese, stilton and apple


Craft Bakers Since 1820

One of London's longest running bakers

Fresh & Local Ingredients

For a long time now we have strived to supply our customers with products that are made with ingredients sourced locally.

Bakers Marque

In February 2012 Dunns Bakery was among the first Bakeries to be awarded The Bakers Marque set up by the Worshipful Company of Bakers to assure the consumer that they are buying a quality product