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Birthday Cakes

We make delicious birthday cakes at our award-winning bakery in London. With the freshest and finest ingredients, we make all of our cakes onsite at our master craftsman family-owned bakery. Our cakes come in a wide range of styles and designs. You can also safely order a birthday cake online from our online shop.

Birthday Cake Styles

We can make birthday cakes in many different styles, colours and designs. We've made cakes in the shape of cartoon characters, cars, footballs and castles. Numbers are also a popular birthday cake shape.

All of our cakes can be completely customised. Whether you have a simple round birthday cake or a unique shape, our delicious cakes are designed by our expert cake designer. You can choose from a wide range of flavours such as fruitcake, vanilla sponge, chocolate sponge or more!

To discuss your children's birthday cake, please contact us on 020 8340 1614 or email us at info@dunns-bakery.co.uk.

Please see an important disclaimer regarding pricing on dunns-bakery.co.uk.

View our delicious range of cakes in our online shop

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Bakers Marque

In February 2012 Dunns Bakery was among the first Bakeries to be awarded The Bakers Marque set up by the Worshipful Company of Bakers to assure the consumer that they are buying a quality product, it is a Standard of Quality based on carefully considered Principles.

If you would like more information please visit the The Bakers Marque.

The Bakers Marque

Making Baking History…

Dunn's Shop Front

Dunn's Bakery was first established in Highgate way back in 1820. That makes us one of the longest-running bakers in North London.

Our History

Fresh and Local Ingredients

Sunny wheat fields

For a long time now we have strived to supply our customers with products that are made with ingredients sourced locally.

Fresh and Local Ingredients